HORRIBLE BOSSES (Seth Gordon, 2011)

A post-Hangover asshole comedy that throws that film into some relief; not content with being equally crass, boorish and unfunny, it also expects us to sympathise with its central trio of entitled morons who resolve to murder their horrible bosses (which title makes me wanna buy Bill Hicks an Orange Drink). Tall order when Chevy Chase surrogate Jason Sedeikis’s character is first seen telling a woman that she’s “way too cute to be a Fed-Ex girl”; the movie compounds things by asking us to believe that she’s flattered by this presumptuous, condescending come-on. Rob Lowe surrogate Jason Bateman, and Pesci/Galifianakis third wheel Charlie Day, make up the numbers, but the movie doesn’t quite score with its notional gambit of three relatively obscure leads and a knockout support cast.

That’s the real selling point, and you can at least see the against-type appeal for Jennifer Aniston (as the nymphomaniac dentist whose unwelcome predatory advances threaten to derail Day’s engagement to some adorably unthreatening bubblehead, because nothing says barrel-of-laughs quite like sexual harassment in the workplace) and Colin Farrell (actually quite funny as a balding cokehead). Otherwise, Kevin Spacey plays the hits (“this one’s called Swimming with Sharks!”), Jamie Foxx gets a predictable extended cameo as a “murder consultant”, and don’t ask me why Donald Sutherland bothered to turn up.


3 responses to “HORRIBLE BOSSES (Seth Gordon, 2011)

  1. Great review!!! Haven’t seen this film yet but think i shall wait now for TV premiere! Cheers! 🙂

    • Thanks! I do wonder why I keep giving these things my money. Seen four this summer – Hangover 2, Bridesmaids, Bad Teacher and now this – and Bad Teacher was the only one I liked. Waiting for TV is probably the way to go, if we must sit through them at all…

  2. Ha ha ha I actually loved Bridesmaids!

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