RAPT (Lucas Belvaux, 2009)

The French film industry’s response to the economic crisis? €50 million by Friday or the fat-cat gets it. With obligatory finger-lopping included in the wish-fulfilment package, it seems odd that Rapt’s prevailing tone is so sober; as if Belvaux (of 2002’s acclaimed Trilogy) wished to imply that multi-millionaire bankers, living an adulterous, decadent, high-flying lifestyle on other people’s dime, were people too? (Wifey even excuses his affairs on the basis that he’s got a lot on his mind, or something.)

But hey, we get it. Cover story. Under the radar. Nice one, Luke. With you all the way!


2 responses to “RAPT (Lucas Belvaux, 2009)

  1. I love reading your reviews Sam. Always concise, fair, never cynical and humorous. Unlike most reviewers you speak on behalf of the broad audience. I notice most film reviews swerve back to how said piece affects only the that particular watcher. You’ve missed your calling me thinks. Please watch and report back on The Book of Eli. If you get chance. I’d be interested to know what you think x

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